Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Remember Me??

Well I'm still not fully recovered from my relapse.  Problem is that its so long (6 years) since I've had a proper relapse I can't remember how to help get myself better.  Consequently I've done far, far too much when really I shoulda been resting and letting the steroids do their thing.  So I'm totally shattered and I'm starting to walk like I've got MS again.  OK I know what you're saying 'but you do have MS'.  I know that but I don't need to walk like I do, do I?!?

Anyhoo, a while ago I left a comment on a blog I follow called Creative Kismet.  If you get a chance, check out her blog.  Regina had made some beautiful brooches and I won one!!  It arrived last week and really cheered me up cos its the one I said I liked the best. I've got it pinned to my denim jacket and colours work so well together.  Isn't it gorgeous?