Friday, 24 December 2010

June's canvas

I met my wonderful friend June when she was having her first infusion of Tysabri, a drug to help modify the symptoms of MS.  She had only recently been diagnosed and when she was moved to a different day for infusion we swapped e-mail addresses.

We've talked through all of our feelings towards MS and I sent her a photo of my MS canvas.  She said she wished she could express her feelings like that, but instead she sent me something about how she felt trapped like a bird in a gilded cage and not able to enjoy her life.

As soon as I saw this I had an idea of what I wanted to do for her, but I wasn't sure she'd appreciate it as our feelings are so personal.  I rang and told her about it before I sent it in case she'd be upset.  She was thrilled that I had made something for her.

I used a 5" x 7" canvas board for the base and coloured it using Broken China and Crushed Olive DI's.  Then I cut the TH bird and bird cage out of grungebord and coloured the bird cage with Crushed Olive DI and embossed it with Vintage Photo Distress EP.  I wanted to make the cage appear to be rusty.

I covered the bird with double sided adhesive sheet and gilded it with gold gilding flakes.  I wanted to gild the bird to show that once it was free it became golden and left the rusty cage behind it.

I used the Sissix 3-D Flower die to cut some Artylicious paper to make roses for the canvas.  Even though I'd cut both sizes I found that the smaller ones fit best.  I used a long handled quilling tool to actually make the roses.  I had to wait for a time when my hands would let me turn the tool to make the flowers.  With a little persuasion and some Glossy Accents they worked!

And this is the finished canvas.  I really enjoyed making it and June loving it has made it all the more special!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Who needs Rock Candy Crackle Paint....

...when Mother Nature does it so much beter herself?  I took these today on the wall outside my back door.

On Wednesday night the snow came off my roof again.  The gutter remained in place, if a little bent but my poor Sky dish got mangled.  As you can see I have no satelite signal being received, which is something both of my TV's are taking great pleasure in reminding me each time I switch them on!!!  Sky are apparently coming out on Tuesday to fix it.  Watch this space...

I also had a 'small' mound of snow outside my front door.  Yes, that is my car hiding in the pile of snow!  Theres no chance of me getting into my car at this point.  The only thing that'll help is if the temperature rises to around 30 degrees which is impossible given that its winter in Britain.

My Mam very kindly dug a little path into the snow so I had an escape route if I needed it.  At least thats what she wanted.  She'd been worried about me not being able to clamber over the snow.  I was more concerned about post not getting to me LOL!!!

I need to give a big THANK YOU to Lionel the carpet fitter who came through the snow on Thursday in a 4x4 to fit my new craft room carpet.  He even dug a path out for me in my back garden.  Now that what I call customer service!!!

Hope you're all keeping warm and safe.  Looks like its set to continue a while yet so no doubt there'll be some more photo opportunities!