Sunday, 29 May 2011

Carrie's Frame

It was Carrie's birthday earlier in May - the big 4-0!!  I wanted to get or make her something special so in January I spotted this frame in a Charity shop window.  The guy in the shop knows me now and when I asked to look at it he automatically showed me the back first!

The first thing I did when I got home, after taking this photo of course, was the take it to pieces and rip the leaves and glittered apple out of it and bin the them.  I couldn't get the glass out as it had been glued to the front frame.  Thank goodness the inside with the recesses came off cleanly!

I didn't need to prepare the surface apart from cleaning as the inside had been painted with some sort of matte paint.  As far as I could see the frame had already been altered into the state I bought it in as the painiting was not factory done. 

I painted the inside of the frame and recess with Viva Precious Metal Paint in Blackberry and then dry brushed the same make of paint in Mother of Pearl over it.  both of thses paints are very high in mica content so shimmer beautifully.  I painted the outside of the frame with Precious Metal in Silver to tie both parts together as the mother of pearl paint has a slightly silver tone to it.  Of course I forgot to photograph them at this stage, but you'll be able to see what I mean on the finished frame.

Next I made some flowers using a tissue drinks coaster and some pages from a book.  I cut both of them with a Nestie circle die.  Especially for S and J at the hospital here are the photos :)

These are the cut circles which have been scrunched up and sort of flattened back out.
The same circles which I have sprayed with Glimmer Mists in Key Lime Pie and Lemon Zest.
And again once they have been dried with a heat tool and ready to shape into a flower around a bead.   Lynn R-H taught me the technique at a workshop.  You start with a bead and a little glue and mold the paper around the bead.  Keep doing this with tissue, paper and glue until you have a flower of the size you want.

 And this is a close up of the finished flower.  I made the beads for both of the flowers during a workshop that Carrie, Jo and I attended and had a great time!

I chose bobbins to into the recess as Carries loves sewing.  My Mam wrapped the thread round 2 of the bobbins and I painted the 3rd and put a vintage cigar bad round it with a picture of a german castle on it.  Carrie also loves Germany.

This flower was made in the same way but sprayed with Jazz Blue and Fully Purple Glimmer Mists.

My Mam helped again by filling the miniature bottles with lavender grown in my garden and tied ribbon round the tops to finish them off.  The ribbon is from the loops you get on clothes to keep them on the hanger.  I cut them off and use them for projects!

Carrie love the outdoors and I thought the Lavender would be perfect here.

Placing the bobbins and bottles was difficult as I was shaking while doing it.  Thank goodness the Glossy Accents has a little time before it dries lol!!!

For the middle, I made a torso from pearl UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Powder) using a mold Jo has. It has a front and back to the mold but I just used the front.

The 'pedestal' that the torso is to stand on is a piece of dense foam from the bottom of TH Embossing Folder packaging.  I've been keeping it but didn't know why til now ;)
I painted the pedestal the same colour as the recess and stuck the whole angel together using silicone.

Then it was just a case of cleaning the glass up, bearing in mind I couldn't get it our of the frame.  There was gold paint on it from the last time it had been painted and somehow I'd managed to get the Blackberry colour on the inside of glass right in the middle.  So once I got that off and gave it a good dust, I could put it all together.

Here is the finished frame and it is totally personal to Carrie!

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Butterfly Effect

I found this on the side bar of Elaine's blog and I think it is wonderful project to honour the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust.

The Holocaust Museum in Houston is holding an exhibition of all of the butterflies received in Spring 2013.  Each butterfly will represent a child who died.  You can read all about it HERE.

If you feel strongly about this please join in.  All of the people who died in the Holocaust cannot be forgotten.  The dealine to join with the joint effort on the Two Dresses Studio blog is 31st December 2011.

Friday, 6 May 2011

I have an award!!!

My friend Vron has graciously given The Versatile Blogger Award.  Now under the rules I have to tell you 7 random things you didn't know about me and also pass the award on to 7 recently discoverd blogs.

So to work.

1 I have my belly button pierced
2 I have 3 tattoos
3 I love Neighbours (yes the Australian soap!!!!)
4 I'm not keen on making cards anymore and do it under protest!
5 I hardly ever wear proper shoes only boots, trainers and toe-posts
6 I listen to audio books as I can't concentrate on reading anymore
7 I am qualified in aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage and sports massage but can't practice now due to having little energy and little or no feeling in my hands.

Now to the blogs I am going to nominate.  I tend to stick to the same blogs, but being new-ish to this blogging lark I tend to think of all of the blogs as new.  So here goes:

Kath - Artyfartykat
Judith - weddings of Clay
Lotus - Whymsicallotus
Louise - Zuzu's petals altered art and stuff
Roni - Ink Stains with Roni
Regina - Creative Kismet
Jean - Crafty Individuals

And there you have it.  The difficulty was choosing just 7!

So this post isn't all writing here is a pic of a papier mache mask I bought and covered with Friendly Plastic.  I just cut random pieces of plastic and melted it onto the mask with a heat tool.  I used random pieces on the sides without melting them and put some gems on to 'bling' it up a bit!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

I'm back with my ABC

Well I'm back and feeling an awful lot better.  I've even started crafting again due to my Muse coming back from the corner she was hiding in!

No photos today just a little bit of fun.  I saw this on my friend Carrie's blog and thought it was a great idea.  So here is my ABC...

Age: Apparently I will get to know the meaning of life, the universe and everything in October!  (a little nod to Hitchhikers Guide there!)
 Bed Size: Its a continental king from Ikea.  Huge for one person, but not so big when I had a cat sleeping on it too!

Chore you hate: I don't do cleaning!  My Mam helps me.

Dogs: Cats everyday of the week and twice on a Sunday, but I lost my two last year and can't bear to get any more so I just have a snuggle with Carrie's two girls when I'm at her house.

Essential start of your day: A cup of Twinings Earl Grey

Favourite Colour: Purple

Gold or silver: Silver in jewellery, but either in art

Height: 5’8″ and a bit

Instruments I play or have played: Flute and recorder but both very badly!

Job Title: Medically retired from work due to my MS

Kids: Not a hope in h***!!!

 Live: Been in the same town in County Durham, UK all my life.

Mum’s Name: Brenda

Nickname: Never had one as a youngster, but got Jilly a lot at work.

Overnight hospital stays: Yes unfortunately.  Was in for 2 weeks and then a further week a couple of weeks later before the MS was diagnosed.

Pet Peeve: When people try to kick my stick or crutches out from under me or just stare.  I'm irritated just thinking about it!!

Quote from a movie: Ooh that's a toughie!!  I love (and have used) so many quotes.  'Theres a glitch in the Matrix', 'The first rule of fight club...', 'E-v-i-i-i-l' and the list goes on...

Right or left handed: Right and my left is a little pathetic in most tasks I try with it, bless

Siblings: No, just me

Time you wake up: Somewhere between 8am and 10am, then again around 4pm after my afternoon nap
 Underwear: Always and matching always makes me feel good

Vegetables you dislike: Celery..e-v-i-i-i-l stuff

What makes you run late: Only things beyond my control

X-rays you’ve had done: Little finger right hand, left knee (many times), left hip, left foot (can you spot the pattern here!), chest, back and plenty of MRI's

Yummy food you make: Panini's, soup.  Thats about all now really, but I used to make pies and cakes and scones

Zoo animal: Giraffe, red pandas, elephants, any big cat

Now you know a little bit more about me.  Anyone fancy joining in and completing your own version?  Please post it on your blog and leave me a comment so I can swing by and learn about you.