Friday, 6 May 2011

I have an award!!!

My friend Vron has graciously given The Versatile Blogger Award.  Now under the rules I have to tell you 7 random things you didn't know about me and also pass the award on to 7 recently discoverd blogs.

So to work.

1 I have my belly button pierced
2 I have 3 tattoos
3 I love Neighbours (yes the Australian soap!!!!)
4 I'm not keen on making cards anymore and do it under protest!
5 I hardly ever wear proper shoes only boots, trainers and toe-posts
6 I listen to audio books as I can't concentrate on reading anymore
7 I am qualified in aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage and sports massage but can't practice now due to having little energy and little or no feeling in my hands.

Now to the blogs I am going to nominate.  I tend to stick to the same blogs, but being new-ish to this blogging lark I tend to think of all of the blogs as new.  So here goes:

Kath - Artyfartykat
Judith - weddings of Clay
Lotus - Whymsicallotus
Louise - Zuzu's petals altered art and stuff
Roni - Ink Stains with Roni
Regina - Creative Kismet
Jean - Crafty Individuals

And there you have it.  The difficulty was choosing just 7!

So this post isn't all writing here is a pic of a papier mache mask I bought and covered with Friendly Plastic.  I just cut random pieces of plastic and melted it onto the mask with a heat tool.  I used random pieces on the sides without melting them and put some gems on to 'bling' it up a bit!


Zuzu's Blog said...

:) thank you Jill x

judith@poppy cottage said...

Love all the facts Jill, I'm just nosey really! Great blogs that you have mentioned, some of my favourites in there too. Glad to hear you sounding so chirpy. Judith xx

artyfartykat said...

Thank you Jill for the blog award. Must admit I never had you down as a Neighbours fan !! lol!
Mask looks beautiful too.

Ink Stained Roni said...

Thank you so much sweetie!!

erasercarver said...

Love reading all these facts :) Just about to do mine!