Friday, 24 December 2010

June's canvas

I met my wonderful friend June when she was having her first infusion of Tysabri, a drug to help modify the symptoms of MS.  She had only recently been diagnosed and when she was moved to a different day for infusion we swapped e-mail addresses.

We've talked through all of our feelings towards MS and I sent her a photo of my MS canvas.  She said she wished she could express her feelings like that, but instead she sent me something about how she felt trapped like a bird in a gilded cage and not able to enjoy her life.

As soon as I saw this I had an idea of what I wanted to do for her, but I wasn't sure she'd appreciate it as our feelings are so personal.  I rang and told her about it before I sent it in case she'd be upset.  She was thrilled that I had made something for her.

I used a 5" x 7" canvas board for the base and coloured it using Broken China and Crushed Olive DI's.  Then I cut the TH bird and bird cage out of grungebord and coloured the bird cage with Crushed Olive DI and embossed it with Vintage Photo Distress EP.  I wanted to make the cage appear to be rusty.

I covered the bird with double sided adhesive sheet and gilded it with gold gilding flakes.  I wanted to gild the bird to show that once it was free it became golden and left the rusty cage behind it.

I used the Sissix 3-D Flower die to cut some Artylicious paper to make roses for the canvas.  Even though I'd cut both sizes I found that the smaller ones fit best.  I used a long handled quilling tool to actually make the roses.  I had to wait for a time when my hands would let me turn the tool to make the flowers.  With a little persuasion and some Glossy Accents they worked!

And this is the finished canvas.  I really enjoyed making it and June loving it has made it all the more special!


Janet said...

What a special gift for June! I love it and they way you have turned 'the bird in a gilded cage' on its head is very clever. Have a happy Christmas, my friend, and a creative New Year.

Janet xx

crafty flossie said...

Hi Jill. What a wonderful gift. I'm sure your new friend will enjoy it.
Debbie M

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, Jill. Love the colours you have chosen and the symbolism in the gilding. Gorgeous.

Junie57 said...

When Jill told me that she wished to make something based upon what we had discussed, and a scrapbook page I had made, I was astonished and really touched. We were talking on the phone, so I couldn't give her a hug!

Her thoughtfulness, and her wish to show me that there is a possibility of hope for the future, was so beautiful and caring, I quite happily admit, I had tears rolling down my face. I find kindness can be a rare and truly underestimated comodity, and when a gift such as this is received, where you can tangibly feel the love and care, and amazing skill, it is worth more than any precious stones you may own.

Except for some gifts I received from my mum (who is no longer around) this is now one of my prized treasures, and it is on display so I see and enjoy it each day, think about the meaning and telepathically send love to Jill.

Some days it makes me smile, other it makes me cry, but overall I feel the love behind it and that it was made just for me and has such deep meaning.

I can say to you all, that the reality, is far more beautiful than any photograph can capture and the meaning - to me - far more than words can convey.

Thank you Jill.

I must sign off now as the tears are clouding the keyboard! xxxx

craftimamma said...

Jill, if ever you needed tangible proof of your talent, this is it! It's absolutely beautiful and no wonder June loves it so. Your heart is obviously very much in this gorgeous hanging and you have put so much thought, care and effort into it. Well done my friend.

Lesley Xx

mamapez5 said...

Jill. What a kind and thoughtful gift. I am sure June just loved it. You really must believe in yourself; you are very talented! Kate x