Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A New Years Resolution

Heres to a  Happy, Healthy New Year for all of us!!

I don't have much confidence in my art work.  Whenever I used to go to workshops at Graphicus (which has sadly had to close) I used to look at everyones elses work and compare mine to theirs.  Not in a jealous way.  Just in the way that when you're in a restaurant and someone gets a meal you'd look at it and think 'I wish I'd ordered that!'.

My good friend Lou keps telling me that I'm talented, so I decided this year to start as I mean to go on.  I don't usually make resolutions as I never keep them but this year I have and I've put it in my journal to remind me.

I'm sure that this is one resolution I will keep!!


judith@poppy cottage said...

You are an artist in your own right. I've seen your work, and it is splendid. You go for it!!! Have a productive, imaginitive, ceative 2011, big hugs, Judith xx

Janet said...

Jill, you make some wonderful artwork and you are very innovative and original in your designs. I like the fact you think 'out of the box' and that makes your work so individual. Long may it continue!

Janet xx

erasercarver said...

And a happy and healthy New Year to you, too!

Love your journal page - that is a resolution that you must stick to - you are talented!

craftimamma said...

Like Judith, I've seen your work first hand and it's wonderful. You certainly have every right to believe in yourself. I wish I had your originality!

Here's wishing you a wonderful creative and happy 2011 (even though I'm rather late).

Hug and lots of love
Lesley Xx

Glenda said...

You DO have talent. You also have courage to learn, explore, play, develop and express that talent and that's just brilliant.