Friday, 28 January 2011

Pay it forward

A couple of my crafty / blog buddies (Judith and Lesley) have this on their blogs.  I've signed up on both of them so I'm hoping I'll be one of the lucky ones.

The rules are simple - to send something handmade by you to five people before the end of 2011.  So we all have plenty of time LOL!!!  If you decide to enter you must 'pay it forward' and post this offer and promise to give something handmade by you to the first five people to comment on your own blog post. 

I solemnly promise to send something handmade by my fair hand (not sure what yet!) to the first five people who leave a comment on this post.  I really hope I get 5 comments.  I'll look a right billy-no-mates if I don't!!!


judith@poppy cottage said...

Hi Jill, you are one of the lucky ones on mine. I'd like to be one of the lucky ones on yours if I can! Judith xx

craftimamma said...

Hi Buddy, You are No6 on my commentors but I had already said to Paula (another entrant) that if I could go on her list as well as Judith's I'd promise to do an extra gift (like you, no idea what yet, lol) so I shall look forward to sending you something my Lovely!

I have this funny feeling I've already left you a message asking if I can go on your list so if I have please ignore this one. I started messing about with stat counters on my blog and can't remember if I actually left the message. Oooer, old age is definitely setting in!*!!*!

Lesley Xx

Suzee Murphy said...

ach woman you'll never be billy no mates we all love you way too much (well all except my purse that is!) hope ur ok big Hugs
Suzee xx

mamapez5 said...

I'd love to receive something from you Jill. please count me in. Kate x

veronica said...

yes please Jill - this is fun isn't it? just glad there is no urgent time limit!