Monday, 24 January 2011

The dress

I've been to Hexham today for a little look out as I'm not too well.  I'm coming off some pills that take away neuropathic pain (which has been all but obliterated by my wonderful TENS machine), but the pills also help to stop spasms.  As I've come off them I've started to have violent and painful spasms which seem to make my entire body seize up.  They're completely draining me of energy so not feeling too good at the moment.  The doc has given me some new pills which will help but I am in the process of building up the dosage so I have to just wait until the spasms subside.

Yesterday Jo popped round for a cuppa and I had a spasm as I tried to get up off the couch.  I found the only thing that helps is if someone can push me back onto the chair and it'll break the spasm.  We had a really good laugh when Jo poked me in the shoulder and I landed back on the couch.  Its certainly a different way to spend the morning!!!

Anyway back to Hexham.  I was waiting for the lift in one of the shops when I spotted this dress.  Now its definitely NOT the kind of dress I would wear, but the trim on it is gorgeous.

There is this gorgeous beading around the neck which seems to be all one piece.

The shoulder pieces had 3 layers of lace, one vintage, one broderie anglaise and the third is made from the same lace as the main body of the dress.

The main body of the dress is made from a black lace fabric with a cream panel down the front and some broderie anglaise trim around the sides.
Once I take this to bits I'll be able to use it on so many projects (I hope!!), and all this for a fiver!!!


judith@poppy cottage said...

Wow Jill, you'll get a lot of mileage out of that dress! Far better to use the bits than wear it I say, lol! I'm sorry to hear that the switch over of drugs is causing you hassle. Hopefully, you'll be getting along better soon. Take care, Judith xx

erasercarver said...

Sorry to hear that you're still not doing too well, hopefully you'll be up to your full dosage of medication soon and the spasms subside.

What a fantastic bargain you found there! So much lovely stuff to work with! Looking forward to seeing what you create :)

craftimamma said...

Sorry I've not been visiting lately Jill. I've been a very bad blog buddy all round I'm afraid. I'm a terrible time manager and recently have been spending much of my time messing about with Jenna's wedding stuff. I've at last got the designs sorted out for her so it's all systems go now. One of the not so nice things about missing blog posts is finding your buddies are not doing as well as you'd like so I'm really sorry to find you've had a set back. Thankfully it sounds like it is a temporary set back until your new drugs kick in properly so I'll hope that it won't be too long now.

In the meantime, what a fabulous bargain you found here. All those different laces and trims. You certainly won't need any more for a very long time and off the role that lot would have cost you a darned site more than a fiver so well done you for being so canny.

Lesley Xx

Janet said...

So sad to hear that you have not been well. Wonderful find in the dress. John and I have had a few days away and he has been a total crock with his back. Never mind!

Janet xx