Thursday, 15 July 2010


I had to say goodbye to my fur-baby Tara on Tuesday.

She was 17 and on Monday started to hide in the back bedroom under a pile of pillows, not eating or drinking, just sleeping.  I honestly thought I'd wake up to find her gone on Tuesday morning, but she woke me up instead with a huge mournful 'm-e-e-w'.  I booked an appointment at the kitty doc, but the earliest I could get was late afternoon.  I spent the whole day knowing that I wouldn't be bringing her home with me.  I was a wreck.

I know that it was the right decision and Tara had told me herself.  I lost my younger fur-baby, Martha, almost 2 months ago, and I seemed to take that harder.  I suppose its because poor Martha was poorly for a while before I had to let her go and it was a shock.  Losing Tara wasn't so much.

I've been out today and bought a planter and a Yukka plant to put her ashes in when I get her back.  I did the same with Martha.  So my two girls will still be close to me by my garden bench.

My Mam and I started to deep clean the house yesterday.  I've moved some things round in my living room, just so the place feels all new, to try and stave off the emptiness.  I've found myself putting music on all the time cos its just too quiet!

Mind I think they're haunting me.  Yesterday I'd washed my hands to make lunch and got a huge lump of cat hair down my throat.  No idea where it came from, but I had to gargle to get rid of it!!  And all because my Mam had said something about getting something for the house that I couldn't have had with the girls.  Very weird!!

I'm strangely OK.

Thank you to all who sent my lovely messages on the Graphicus Guild Group, and for the e-mails too.  And a big thanks to Jo and Carrie who had to listen to me 'snotting' down the phone on Tuesday, before and after.

Here are a few photos of my girls in their favourite places!  Tara was the silver grey Tabby and Martha was the 'Heinz 57'.  You can see on the first photo the indoor Yukka I had was all chewed on the ends of leaves by our Tarz.  That's why I've bought a Yukka today for her ashes.

And finally, the one and only photo I have of them together.  They didn't get on and Martha bullied Tara something rotten.  Tara's eyes are almost closed because she was so laid back she nearly fell off the windows sill a few times.  Martha's eyes always seemed to do the 'laser' thing.  Mind she was a little minx!


judith@poppy cottage said...

Hi Jill, I can't say any more than I said the other day on the Guild. They are beautiful girls, both of them, going by their photos, and the house must seem very quiet without them. You sound as though you have great support with your Mum and Jo. The Yukka tree sounds like an excellent idea. Take care, and I'm thinking about you, Judith xx

Janet said...

Beautiful photos of two beautiful girls. Weren't you a lucky person to have known them? I think you have a very fitting tribute for Tara and I want you to know that I am thinking of you at this sad time.
Your friend,

Janet xx

erasercarver said...

Love the idea of the Yukka tree, it will be a lovely rememberance of Tara. I really enjoyed looking at the photos - the one of the little legs and tail peeping out from under a throw really made me smile. Lots of happy memories for you.
Lots of hugs, Carrie xx

craftimamma said...

Thankyou for sharing your photos of your two girls Jill. They are beautiful.

Lesley Xx