Sunday, 8 August 2010

Art and Counselling (part 2) - MS Canvas

The second canvas I did for counselling was around my feeling towards my MS. I feel like its a monster that is always behind me waiting for me to relax and it'll 'bite'.

I bought a black 12 x 12 canvas and dry brushed various Ferro metallic paints on to it. My Mam had torn a piece of cardboard from a box in a wonderful shape. I painted that with more Ferro paint in blue.

I had many ideas for the canvas, but none were working, so I left it for a while as I wanted to get it just right. I tore some pages from some MS magazines that I subscribe to and eventually came up with the idea of a hungry sea monster biting at a girl dangling above it. I used a citrus Paint Dabber to colour the monster and a Tippex pen to colour the teeth and put the spots on.

Next I took a picture of a model out of a magazine and glued it to a piece of card for strength before cutting it out.  I coloured her in grey with a wax crayon (the only thing to hand and I couldn't be bothered to stand up!) and gave her red shoes.  If I could, I'd wear red HIGH heels.  The shoe falling off represents the way that each time MS bites (in the form of a relapse) it takes a little of you away.  At the moment its just my red high heels!

I wanted it to seem like a fifties cartoon strip so I gave the monster and heroine speech bubbles cut from MS magazines.  I also did a little 'commentary' to bring it all together, again from MS magazines.

The whole canvas depicts totally how I feel about the MS.  I dangled the heroine string which I hammered into the top of the canvas with a decorative staple.  I say hammered because the speciality stapler it came from wouldn't work like a normal stapler when you can use just the top to staple, so I hammered it in instead!

Here is the front of the canvas.

The back of the canvas is also 'decorated'.  I used pictures cut from MS magazines again to show some of the symptoms I suffer from.  The left one shows how I can never know what is round the corner for me.  The middle is depression.  The right is fatigue.  Even looking at that photo gives me the wobbles.  I know I'd never manage those stairs!

I then wrote 'MS' in orange (the colour of the MS Society) and crossed it out in green, the colour of the MS Resource Centre (MSRC) who I support and sell cards at Christmas in aid of.  They have been a great help to me since I was diagnosed.

So there you have it, my MS Canvas and it was very, very cathartic to do.


craftimamma said...

Very well done with both these canvases Jill. I doubt I'd be able to get my feelings across as well as you have done on these. Excellent work, sweetie.

See you soon - ? next Saturday maybe ???

Lesley Xx

Jill said...

Thanks for the comments Lesley. Once you get into a 'zone' you'd be surprised how easily you can get your feelings across!

Yes I'll be there next Saturday. Hoping for a BIG HUG!!!!

Janet said...

Your canvas helps ME to understand how you feel about your illness. You are a very special person and you inspire others with your work.

Janet xx

Jill said...

Thanks Janet. You're making me blush!!

I'm so pleased the canvas has helped you understand how I feel. It was purely a work to help me, but if it helps others too, well thats a bonus.

Junie57 said...

Hi Jill, as always you encapsulated most of the feelings of MS. The perhaps irrational, but still plausible fear, the dread, the loss of existence, isolation, grief and so on. However, the poppy background to this blog is beautiful! Years ago, my cousellor got me to imagine Noo Noo (from the Teletubbies) was on my side, and went around vacuuming up all the bad things, so as to leave all the colourful things. Jus as you love the colour orange. You can see little of your loved colour, but I bet if the orange came out ...., well, you never know. Still love the poppies.
June xxx

erasercarver said...

This is such a powerful canvas, it does a lot to get over your feelings to other people. The photos on the back also get a lot across too. Another fantastic piece.

Have you been in touch with the MS Society to talk about your art and how it could help others too?

(P.S. Loving the new poppy background!)

Jill said...

Thanks Carrie.

I've not been in touch with anyone yet. Have thought about it, but as per usual I didn't think it was worth anyone seeing it. Now I know it is.

I think I'll write an article for the MSRC magazine. The MS Society don't tend to have articles like this in their mag.

artypaws said...

Hi Jill - popped over to see your canvas after chatting to you at the weekend - it certainly does portray a very strong message - hope you had a fab time and have recharged your batteries


Ana said...

hello Jill,
just writing a little message to let you know you are not alone in this.
I wanted to follow your blog after reading your post in Regina's new one but I don't know what's going on with google friend connect, sometimes it just doesn't I could finally see the window so I'm following now :)
Wish you and your family all the best ♥

Zuzu's Blog said...

Poignant! says a lot and looks stressful, tense and frightening.