Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Been to the charity shops again....

It all started cos I needed a vase for some beady twiggy wirey things I bought in a sale last week at local garden centre.  I've got them stuck in this vase at the moment but I do use it for fresh flowers, so needed something else.  Charity shops were my first port of call.

I started at the YMCA charity shop in the town centre.  They don't go in so much for displaying items and most of the stuff is on the floor.  Thats where I spotted these 2 frames.  They were £2 for the pair and once I had them in my hands I knew they HAD to be mine. 

They have 2 panels of glass with the picture 'suspended' between them.  I've not seen anything like this before.

One of them is missing its hanger but that is easily rectified.  It looks like the glass has been glued onto the back using a hot glue gun and it easy to peel off and the picture looks like its stuck to the glass at the back,  but that won't matter once its on the wall.

I have no idea what I'm gonna do with them but something about them inspired me enough to buy them.

While I was in the shop I spotted a walking stick for £5.  As I use a stick all of the time (unless I'm on crutches), I decided to measure it against my own stick.  Its slightly taller than mine, but my Dad will be able to saw an inch off the bottom for me.  I just loved the grain / pattern of the wood on the shaft and its has the kind of handle I like.

The wooden hands came from The Childrens Society shop.  They were £1.99 for the pair.  I have a thing about hands.  They fascinate me and I love drawings and ornaments of them.  I'm not sure yet if I'll leave these as is, or alter them in some way.

All in all not a bad haul for £9!!!  And I saw loads of other things I may have to go and have another look at.


erasercarver said...

Fantastic finds - excellent haul for £9! Looking forward to seeing what you create with the frames.

(P.S. Just finished Machinarium!)

Janet said...

My, you have been busy!! Well done, fabulous finds. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.


artypaws said...

great finds there - perhaps I should start popping into charity shops - love the hands