Sunday, 6 March 2011


I try to have a pedicure once every 2 months to try to keep my feet in good order and also cos I can't paint my own nails now.  My Mam paints them for me in between, but I really look forward to having the treatment.  Plus the fact I'm having to have canulas in my feet again for my treatment and a girl needs to make sure her tootsies look good for that LOL!!

I had my latest treatment last Thursday.  My Mam found the number of a mobile manicure / pedicurist on the back of a local carers magazine.  She also does nail art and spray tans and will come to you, which is Just Perfect which incidentally is the name of her business!  Julie has only been in business less than a year, but she is simply wonderful!  She makes sure that the treatments suit me and is totally understanding of my needs. 

Please stop by her website and if you live in an area she covers, please book an appointment.  You won't be disappointed!!

I like to have unusual and bright colours on my toe nails and this time I asked her if she would do a french style polish but with 2 colours rather than normal naturals and white and look at the results!!  She even did a little nail art for me too!

I'm almost looking forward to going to the hospital on Thursday so I can show my feet off!!!


Janet said...

Lurverly! Everything that makes you feel good about yourself is important. You go show off those toes at hospital! I should take a leaf out of your book and paint my toes now and again.


Janet xx

artyfartykat said...

Cool! Those tootsies could grace anywhere now! I say that whilst curling my unpolished, neglected feet in shame!

erasercarver said...

Cute nails - they look fantastic!

Suzi B said...

Great toes!
Sue B x