Thursday, 24 February 2011

Great News!! (and a dreaded question)

I was at the hospital on Tuesday for my yearly check up with my Neurologist.  I had to have an MRI in January to check that I wasn't suffering any nasty effects from being on Tysabri monthly infusions for 2 years.

The great news is that my MRI hasn't changed since the one I had in 2009 which means that the infusions have helped to stop the MS progressing!!!  How cool is that?!


I'm still having the most awful pain in my legs.  My MS Nurse, Carmel, thought it might be down to the new pills I was taking so I need to slowly wean myself off them.  Unfortunately it means I'm having violently painful spasms again.  Once I'm off the pills altogether I have to start on the ones I was originally on.  Confused???  I think I know what I'm doing!!

When I talked to my Neurologist about the pain he asked the dreaded question 'Does it feel like a relapse?'.  To anyone with MS, this is a shudder inducing question.  A relapse is when your MS symptoms flare up and is treated with high dose steroids on 3 consecutive days.  And if its serious enough it can leave you with more disability than you had before.

The good news is that if this is a relapse, its a small one.  Just gotta wait and see how I feel once I've swapped the pills over.

Wish me luck!!


mamapez5 said...

I wish you all the luck in the world Jill. The scan result is very positive news. I hope the medication settles down soon. Kate x

judith@poppy cottage said...

Hi Jill, great news about the scan! Good Luck with the pills, and the big switch over. Take care, Judith xx

Gina said...

Hi Jill, glad the scan was good news and hope the pill switch works.
Gina x

Janet said...

So pleased you have had good news, Jill. Glad you know what you are doing with the tablets - very complicated. Hope your legs feel better soon. Keep on truckin' honey!

Janet xx

veronica said...

glad the scan was ok - hope your legs soon feel better

InkyArtitude said...

Wow, what a treat dropping in on your blog has been Jill. I've caught up with all your activities, that dress you found is ah-maizing! I can totaly understand the 'must have' motivation. Your journalling pages are brill, you've really got into it and understand where you're going with it so well.
As for the meds, I wish they'd leave well alone when something is working for you. I do hope it settles down soon and you get some quality time back in your days.
Those boots are just Ban-nan-as, so cool and the yarns are hot, hot, hot. Looking forward to seeing the end results!

erasercarver said...

So glad to hear the scan results were good, what a relief. Hopefully you'll get the balance on the tablets right soon - what a palaver!