Monday, 1 November 2010

Another spooky Halloween make

This time Carrie kindly sent me a photo.

This one was made in exactly the same way as the one I made for Janet, but using canvas board as a base.  I used the same colours as they are very Halloween and the stamps were from EI again.

I couldn't resist buying a 'coffin full of bugs' at a local bargain store and glued a large plastic spider onto the canvas too!

This is my second attempt at the Halloween swap for Carrie.  The first one went missing in the post, so I hand delivered this one as she wanted to post them on her blog on Halloween itself.

My windows are still ongoing.  They encountered problems on Friday as one of the frames that had been sent was the wrong size and consequently the glass was too.  Karl managed to get the right size frame made on Friday so that's in but the sealed unit of glass won't be here til today or tomorrow.  The front door is being put on at the moment and at least I've discovered why it was so cold at the bottom of my stairs.  When the old door had been put on, the guy had left a huge void round the frame of the door that he covered with plastic trim.  It was soooo dodgy!!!

Oh and my cold has come out properly now and I feel really rough!!


Janet said...

Sorry to read you have a cold - not surprising though considering. Love the canvas - very Edgar Allen Poe - the toadstools and raven really stand out. Horrid spider though .... very halloween!

Janet xx

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, this canvas is proudly displayed in the living room as I type, I love it, thank you!

Totally with you on the cold - I am getting one too - yuk.