Thursday, 25 November 2010


Well we had a litttle bit of snow last night, as well as a little bit more today.  The sky is still very full so I think there'll be some more tonight.  This is my garden this morning.

I was watching the birds have a good old feed at my new hanging bird feeder this morning and, low and behold, they've emptied it!  So off I went out with my wellies on (no coat of course - we're hard up here don't ya know!) and lifted the feeder down with no snow hitting me and filled it.  Went to put it back up and the caught the clematis on the wall above it and a load of snow fell off hitting me on the head and all down my front and back!!  I was so pleased it was still light and fluffy stuff so no harm done.  If anyone could've seen me they would have thought I was mad.  I'm standing covered in snow, by myself, giggling LOL!!!

Then I trudged off, gingerly, to take some close ups of the plants I put my girls ashes under.

This is the Yukka plant I got for Tara's ashes.  Those spikes on the end of the leaves are what she used to chew on and will spike anyone who gets to close now!

And this is the conifer I got for Martha's ashes.  Is it just me, or is that a smiley face in the snow?!

And finally can anyone guess what made these marks?

No prizes, but in the emortal words of Sir Adrian of W, smug points up for grabs!!

(Oh joy, it's just started snowing again here.)


Janet said...

I think you have more snow than me at the moment, Jill! You can keep it too. Lots more to come though. Glad to see you are feeding the dickies. Is it walking stick prints?

Janet xx

erasercarver said...

We didn't get quite so much down the hill as you did, looks like you got an extra inch or two! Looks lovely, I always love it when the snow covers all the plant pots and furniture.

Yup, I definitely see a smiley face there!

InkyArtitude said...

Fab photos Jill. We have about the same amount of snow following a three hour blizard yesterday it really thickened up. Love to look out at it but don't like the driving or should I say, slewing around in it.
I see the smiley face too, reckon it's your kitties letting you know they are happy with their new life.
Hope to see you next week Jill, Barny's roads weren't bad at all but don't know what they are like after yesterday. I'm going to send out positive vibes that they will be clear and ready to bring all our fab visitors to the Open Days. I am aiming to have some real Christmassy, Crafty, Arty FUN! Hope you can share it with us.