Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Artic Roll anyone??

All of the snow came off my roof last night, taking the brackets for my guttering with it.  So now I have water dripping down my house as the gutter has been bent by the snow.  I think if I end up with a whole load of snow on the roof again, the gutter will come down with it.  Mind I got away easy last winter.  My guttering remained in place and only my Sky dish was affected.

The snow makes wonderful shapes out of everything.

Who put the marshmallow cake on top of the bird bath in the garden.  It just looks like you can go out and cut a slice.  Mind I think it'd all collapse if I tried!!

And an artic roll down my car this morning.  The snow is so deep at my car door cos of the snow coming off the roof last night.

I'm getting hungry now.  Time for soup methinks!!


judith@poppy cottage said...

I'm eating my soup as I type this! Great minds think alike, or is that fools seldom differ?!!! Anyhow, keep warm up there my friend, I've got hardly any snow here, but lots of ice, and it is cold. Love the food references to the snow shapes by the way! Judith xx

Lotus said...

Wow... and my family and I are complaining that the thermometer dipped below 40... lol!
Awesome pics! I can't imagine... ; )

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I do love looking at all the shapes the snow creates too. The ones you've captured do look beautiful!

Janet said...

Great photos! I am fed up of looking at snow now - been stuck in since last Thursday. Had the road ploughed this afternoon so should be able to pick up the post tomorrow with a bit of luck! Stay warm and safe.

Janet xx