Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Another try at this blogging lark.

Well here I am on Blogger. Couldn't get comfy on Wordpress, or rather Wordpress wasn't comfy with me!! I was having major bother just trying to open the blog never mind editing or posting anything.

I will attempt to migrate stuff across. Failing all else I'll just retype everything.

To make matters worse I thought it was my PC that was causing the bother so I restored it factory settings. Now I'm having problems with my e-mail as the disc they send out with O2 broadband isn't compatible with Windows 7. Oh joy! There is a way I can set it up manually, but the thought is just sending me loopy. Think I'd best wait for the new disc coming. I can get my e-mails thru O2's homepage so I'll do that til the disc arrives.

Anyhoo thats me for now. Need a lie down after all this PC stuff....


erasercarver said...

Computers, eh?

All the best for this blog, looking forward to seeing your posts :)

Caz said...

I gave up on Wordpress too, Jill - not at all user friendly!! Blogger is nearly idiot-proof - well, I can use it anyway!!

Good luck with your new blog!

Jo said...

Hope it's more comfy for you here, Jill. We'll be keeping tabs on you now!