Thursday, 10 June 2010

Fake Tan

Now I just know you're all cringing thinking of being invaded by tall oompahlumpaha-like beings who are just as orange, but no I am dead careful about how much I use.  I like to look 'healthy' rather than my favourite colour of the rainbow (orange for the uninitiated).

I used to use Olay's Everyday Sun (or whatever its called) but its become increasingly hard to find and you had to buy separate body and face versions mounting the cost up.  So this year I thought I'd look for a new one.  Walked into Superdrug to find their new range (at least I think its new) of self tanners for £7, plus they were buy one get one free.  Well who could resist?!  Certainly not me.  And it does your face and body!  Also they had an application mitt for £3 which it said would help you put it on smoothly with no streaks, so I was sold!

I first used it on Saturday night and much to my amazement the mitt worked, and the tanner has a 'guide' colour' in it that gives you a tan straight away so you can see were you've missed, and because I used the mitt there was no need to wash my hands straight away as my palms weren't covered.  Genius!

I washed off the excess after 4 hours as the instructions said and I have a lovely golden tan.  I'm so pleased I was cautious and got the light / medium option.  It worked like a dream. 

And now I look healthy!!

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