Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Raindrops on roses......

Well not exactly on roses.  I've been out in my garden in between rain showers and have taken some photos of the leaves with rain on them.  I just love the way some leaves and plants retain the rain water in wonderful droplets.

I suppose I should show you some whiskers on kittens to finish the theme off!

This Martha who was 16 when I had to let her go a couple of weeks ago.  She'd had a great life as an indoor kitty.

And this is Tara who is 17 and still going strong.  Although her and Martha didn't get on at all, she still looks for her and has even picked up some of her traits.  Very, very weird!!
Its started to bucket down here again. Oh the joy of the British summertime!!!!


erasercarver said...

Yes, it's been a very wet day here, hasn't it?! Absolutely love these pictures, your garden is stunning and must be such an inspiration for you. The pictures of your kitties are beautiful.

Janet said...

Lovely photos! I just love the raindrops on Ladies Mantle (similar to photo 1) sparkle like diamonds. Kitty cats look good too but I don't suppose that Tara likes the rain either. Let you know how Stamp Addicts goes this weekend. Think of me on Thurs a.m. I hate flying ....

Janet xx

craftimamma said...

Thanks for sharing your pics Jill. Nothing beats the simple beauties in life does it. Your kitties look pretty darned beautiful too.

Lesley Xx