Friday, 25 June 2010

We'll always have Paris

Not too long ago I passed the YMCA charity shop in my local town and they had a frame in the window for £2.  It was one of those awful ones (apologies to anyone who has one and loves it) that people used to have in their bathrooms.  It had a wooden frame behind the glass that was used as shelves to have tiny bales of towels and toilet rolls on.  It was a bit like a miniature version of a bathroom.

When I asked to see it, the guy in the shop showed it to me like a fine bottle of wine.  You shoulda seen his face when I told him I wasn't bothered about the front, but turned it over to look at the back to see if I could take it to bits.  Once we got home, my Mam and I wasted no time in ripping into it.  My Mam had to get a screwdriver to the glue under the little ornaments to prise them loose.  Far to dangerous in my hands!!

I'm gutted I didn't take a photo of it in its pre-enhanced state!

I didn't bother sanding the frame or gessoing it as it had been painted with a matte paint.  I used a Stewart Gill Byzantia paint in a blue (the name has come off the lid so no help with the name) and painted 2 coats.  I then used a Stewart Gill Alchemy (same thing with the lid) over the top and accidentally rubbed a little of the paint off while trying the move the frame.  It must've been serendipity as the result was a little of the pinky-peach colour that the frame was originally showed through.  I quickly rubbed some more off before the paint dried!

I painted the wooden frame insert with silver Stewart Gill paint as I wanted it to show off what was in the compartments not fight against them.

I had a bought a miniature Eiffel Tower for 50p in the infamous ex-catalogue shop where I got the mannequins.  I decided the turn the wooden frame so the 'shelves' were vertical and placed the little tower in one of the compartments.  I then borrowed Jo's Paris Postcard stamp plate by Elusive Images part of Graphicus and stamped the cathedral onto acetate before putting variegated metal leaf behind it.  I bent it to fit into the other compartment.

For the background which is attached to the board at the back of the wooden insert frame, I used a piece of paper that came in a Graphicus Guild paper pack.  I creased the paper slightly before sanding it and using a Distress Ink in Vintage Photo.  I spritzed some water onto it too before attaching it to the board.

The glass at the front of the overall frame had to be thoroughly cleaned before I stamped a couple of swirls by Creative Expressions on in Timber Brown Stazon just to take the 'starkness' of the glass away.

Once I had assembled the frame I had to tape the back board to the wooden frame insert and use silicone glue to glue the insert to the larger frame.  It took an awful lot doing, strength not being my 'strong' point (LOL!!!) and then I had to leave this overnight to dry. 

I wanted something on the front of the frame, but not words, so I used a technique I learned from Lynn at Graphicus.  I took 3 Prima white flowers in complimentary sizes and sprayed them Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Tattered Leather.  I dried each of them thoroughly with a heat tool before patting them with a Versamark ink pad.  I sprinkled platinum UTEE over the flowers and used a heat tool to set the UTEE.  The result is a flower that looks like metal.

And this is the completed frame.  Sorry the photo's not great but glass tends to reflect!!

It looks really gorgeous with light shining on it (even if I do say so myself LOL!!!)


craftimamma said...

Jill, this is absolutely stunning! I love it. The colours in the background and your acetate cathedral is beautiful and so is the frame. Just wonderful!

I've been having a charity shop and TKMaxx scrounge this week and found a couple of really nice bits. How long it will take me to 'alter' them is another matter, Lol!

Quite a while ago I found a little keepsake box for a baby girl. It has a glass pane in the top with four little compartments showing which have tiny baby things in like booties and a feeding bottle - very naff, but I thought the back is only stuck on, it won't take much prising off! Huh! I can't budge the bl.....y thing. It's so annoying because these things normally fall to bits of their own accord. I keep having a go at it and maybe one day I just might have weakened it enough for it to come off, Lol!

Lesley Xx

Junie57 said...

Jill, it is incredible. You had the imagination and creativity to see something utilitarian and passe, and envision its transformation into a classical piece of design.

This would not look out of place in Harvey Nick's or some top end fashionable home design emporium.

It looks beautiful, and enticing, and classic, and modern rustic, and you are making me depressed when I look around my home and see just 'normal' things everywhere. Humph!

Well, we can't all be artistically inventive as well as talented, so I shall happily settle for enjoying your creations and that I knew you before you became internationally famous (no doubt only a matter of time!)

Lots of love,
June xxx

Janet said...

You have created a work of art from a piece of absolute tatt! This is beautiful. The acetate cathedral works so well. Very impressed. Top of the class!!

Janet xx

erasercarver said...

The first time I saw one of those bathroom frame things was in a B&B last month - I couldn't get over it!! I would have loved to have seen the guy's face in the charity shop when you explained what you wanted it for!
You have created an absolute masterpiece here, and I love it - so creative and a one-off piece.

Jo said...

Thanks for posting the details, Jill. Your frame is superb with lots of great techniques. Well done you for spotting the potential of the frame in its original state. Think I'll be pinching some of your ideas!

veronica said...

this is really lovely Jill - love the flowers, will have to try that on some of my mis-matches of flowers.

Textile travels said...

It's fabulous Jill, just love the colour. What a lucky find, and that you actually knew what to do with it. Very creative, and anything 'Paris' gets my vote. Hope you are well, keep up the excellent work.

InkyArtitude said...

Oooo Jill, this is just fantastic! First of all, well done on your find and having the artistic foresight to see the huge potential the 'tat' could provide. I have to admit to buying the plain ones in Wilkinson's... best price I could find but nowhere near as good as what you paid. Secondly, for the wonderful techniques you put together to achieve such an ispired piece of art work. I salute you!