Thursday, 3 June 2010

Treatment Day!!!

Been for treatment today and met up with the lovely Justine and equally lovely Angela (gotta say that cos they follow this blog LOL!!!). I always look forward to treatment days as I generally feel better after them.

The Royal Victory Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle where we have treatment once a month for MS is being modernised and all the wards are being moved around. So we had a nice little jaunt to a different part of the hospital and we have to ring up before we leave home next time to see where we'll be treated.

The treatment takes about a couple of hours but can be less if they can get the cannula in first try, which is a miracle for me if they can. Then we're hooked up to pumps which run an infusion of an MS drug direct into our veins. Once that bag has finished they hang another bag, this time of saline, and that clears all of the MS drug left in the tube connected to the pump, into us. Then we're released into an unsuspecting world. I always walk a little better after my infusion and gives me a lot more energy, but it generally only last for 3 weeks and the week before my next infusion I call my 'down' week.

Although it gives me more energy I still don't feel as 'normal' as I should. I still have problems with walking (I walk with a stick sometimes crutches), still have fatigue which hits like a ton of bricks and can fell you for days, still can't feel parts of my body, just the usual MSy things!

Having said all of that its not so bad. You just have to think as positively as you can and take each day as it comes. I always say I have MS. MS doesn't have me!!

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InkyArtitude said...

Nice to see you've got your blog back Jill, I like Blogger for ease of use and it's getting better all the time with the updates they make. Hope your treatment kicks in quickly and the nice weather makes a difference to your health! Hopefully see you next weekend at the Open Days.