Wednesday, 2 June 2010

New specs

Apologies for the previous rant!!

I recently had to go to the opticians as my eyes were causing me problems with close vision. They suggested varifocals which I duly ordered and started to wear. All was fine til I went out shopping in Hexham. Slightly unfamiliar territory sent my senses into overdrive when i was faced with some stairs. You see with the MS I'm never 100% sure where my feet are and tend to have to look down to make sure I know where I'm stepping. Consequently going downstairs caused a BIG problem. When I was looking down to see where my feet were, I was looking through the reading part of the specs meaning everything was blurred. Very dangerous for someone in my position, so I've had to resort to distance specs and a pair for reading and craft work.

But...I was so in love with the frames I had chosen I HAD to get them made into just distance specs and used a pair of frames I already had to use as reading glasses.

So these are my new specs. For those of you who know me, they're totally me, don't ya think?!


Janet said...

Jill, I am so glad you have a blog with Blogger as I can follow you now. Wordpress would not let me. Blogger can be a pain and be terribly slow sometimes but if you pick a time when you know it won't be busy it is fine. Love your bins too!!

Janet xx

erasercarver said...

Yeah - fab specs! Loving the new blog look - fantastic!

craftimamma said...

Well done with persevering with the blog Jill and yes, those specs are fab - I know 'cos I've seen you wearing them!

Lesley Xx