Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tara's poorly paw

And how bad do I feel that I didn't notice sooner???

Tara has claws that seem to grow at the speed of light and cutting them is an absolute nightmare.  She is skinny and therefore VERY squirmy.  To cut her claws I need my Dad to hold her under her arms put her back paws on top of the cooker (don't worry the cooker has a cover!).  Then I have to try and cut them with her growling and hissing and squirming and biting.  Last time was particularly bad and although I thought I'd seen a long claw, I thought I'd gotten them all trimmed, but no.  There was a l-o-n-g claw and last night I finally got a look at her paw while she was asleep and it had curled round into the pad of her paw.

So took her to the kitty doc today and he trimmed all her claws and gave her and antibiotic injection and sprayed a local anesthetic on her paw and sorted that out too.  Gotta take her back on Thursday for another antibiotic injection.  She won't tolerate me giving her anything at home! 

Now I've got her home and she has just mewed since she got in.  It actually sounds like she's saying 'ow'.  Mind I bet it hurt bless her.


Janet said...

Poor you, Jill. You can't win with cats - you will always be in the wrong. Well spotted about the claw, it could have turned nasty. Sheep are much more forgiving - and horses come to that!!

Janet xx

InkyArtitude said...

Awwww, how sweet does she look. Couldn't be angry with her for long with a face like that could you? I hope she soon perks up! I bet you make up for it all Jill, with lots of hugs and treats.
Lynn x

erasercarver said...

Aww, lots of purrs from Willow and Ash to Tara, hope she's doing well now. I'm lucky, our two aren't too bothered when it comes to nail clipping time - phew!